Signed & sealed by Lou, delivered by someone close to you.


Can’t decide on a Celebrant?  Want a friend or family member to marry you?

Louise can help you with this….

In Say ‘I Do’ With Lou & a friend too, your chosen person becomes my wingman or woman for the day, with me attending to all the legalities whist they perform the ceremony and have all the fun – it’s as simple as that.

Who can you choose?

You can choose anyone you like, the person who knows you best, and someone who is comfortable with speaking before your family and friends.  A family member, a friend or a work colleague, anyone you and your partner choose.


  • You pick EXACTLY who you want to perform your Wedding Ceremony.
  • I will help and advise ‘my wingman or woman’ on all procedures and supply a guide for them to work from, ensuring all legal aspects are adhered to.
  • All legal paperwork and registration is completed on your behalf by me, an Experienced Registered Authorised Celebrant.
  • I can also supply my professional PA system with microphone and music facility for use during your Wedding Ceremony.

How much does this cost?

The Cost to Say ‘I Do’ With Lou & a Friend Too varies depending on your requirements

  • OPTION 1:  Louise will be present for the whole ceremony, attending to all the legalities at your chosen venue and the person who knows you best performing the ceremony.


  • OPTION 2:  If you’d prefer your friend to write and perform entire service without me present at the wedding, no problem at all, I can come either before or after the ceremony and attend to the legalities, even the day or week before, whatever suits you.  You will just need two witnesses present for this service.


Whichever option yo choose, Louise will always be available to help and advise you on the process and format of a wedding ceremony.

So if this appeals to you, give Lou a buzz for a chat about your plans and she’ll help you create that special lifetime memory.

As long as all the legal requirements are met, anything is possible.