Wedding Shoes

by Jimmy Sturo

A wedding is one of the most important events in an individual’s life and hence a lot of emphasis is placed on the dressing. Although often overshadowed by the wedding gown, wedding shoes are one of the most important wardrobe accessories during any wedding. Well-designed shoes beautifully compliment the wedding dress and add to the grandeur of the occasion. Hence, designing wedding shoes has become a flourishing industry by itself.

Certain considerations are absolutely essential when buying a pair of wedding shoes. Apart from the special look, comfort is a very important factor. It should be remembered that weddings involve hours of standing, walking, posing for photographs, greeting guests, dancing, and most importantly, walking down the aisle. Therefore, the main criterion should be the comfort level provided by the shoes when worn for a long duration.

The height of the heels is also equally crucial in determining the comfort factor. The heels of the wedding shoes need to accommodate the length of the bridal gown. Brides who are not used to wearing high heels and are recommended not to try them during their wedding. If necessary, instead of using stilettos, brides can opt for platform heels matching with their dress and style. Flat wedding shoes are no less elegant than the high-heeled ones.

The fabric of the wedding shoes also plays an important role in determining their beauty and complimenting the bridal gown. Silk and satin are the two most popular fabrics chosen for wedding shoes. However, individuals always have the option for choosing the shoes according to personal tastes or the style of the gown.

It is also important to try out the shoes properly when purchasing the shoes to determine the comfort factor and the fitting level. An uncomfortable pair will not only lessen the beauty of the dress but also cause extreme discomfort during the entire event. Several top designer brands sell fancy wedding shoes in various styles, patterns, fabrics and designs online and in retail stores.


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