Choosing Your Wedding Bouquet

by Emily Tanner

It’s always a perplexing question when people ask what kind of wedding bouquet you want. These days there is such an abundance of choice that there are very few restrictions. The only possible restriction is the shape of your dress as certain dress length, styles and fabrics are not suited to all types of bouquet.
So, what types of bouquet are there?

The first type of bouquet which is very popular at the moment is the fresh looking small bunch bouquet. These generally contain a handful of calla lily stems or tulips and are often designed to be carried across the arm. These are ideal for spring and summer weddings that have a pure and simple theme. Note though that these can look quite plain and ordinary if table decorations and bridesmaids are also in whites and creams.

Trailing bouquets are always popular for bridal bouquets as they add drama to the bridal gown. These bouquets are ideal for shorter, rounder brides as they elongate the frame. Ensure they are not too large though as they do tend to take over a bit. Trailing bouquets may contain various lilies, roses and trailing greenery.

Hand held posy – spherical

Hand held posies are the type of bouquet usually held by bridesmaids although more and more brides are going for this option. These are shaped like a small ball into which roses are worked to produce a beautiful pattern whichever angle it is viewed from. These bouquets last really well because the centrepiece is usually heavily watered thus making this choice a great one for warm weather weddings.

Hand held posy – soft and trailing

The second type of hand held posy is the kind that is more loosely tied and often with trailing greenery. This has all the advantages of the usual hand held posy except the look is softer and less ‘neat.’ This makes the bouquet look more natural and less contrived which is perfect for brides who are looking for something more unusual and organic looking.

Funky bouquets

These often include other objects such as feathers, ribbons, shells etc in addition to flowers. Some brides choose to have no fresh flowers in their bouquet at all. The beauty of a bouquet like this is that it won’t wilt, it will last much longer and will provide a real talking point.

Whether you are going for a classical posy, a trailing bouquet or an unusual bouquet, it should be a personal choice. The type of bouquet you choose needs to be right for you and in keeping with the rest of the theme for your big day.


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