Black and White Wedding Themes

by Emily Tanner

Believe or not, the hot colours for this season are black and white. As we wave a sad farewell to the bright yellows, hot pinks and gorgeous greens of 2006, we welcome [reluctantly!] the black and white shades for 2007 and 2008 weddings.
The key to getting this right is using the two colours together. Look at them as yin and yang – nothing alone, but everything together just like the perfect couple. And, the beauty of the monochrome look is that it will work with any event, any location and any unusual wedding theme that you want.

If your wedding theme is hearts, then lay tables in white linen. Dress bridesmaids in tulip shades with large white sashes. Decorate tables with white floral displays dashed with black sprayed flowers. Sprayed flowers can look really tasteful if done carefully, but seek the advice from a professional. Silver looks really good with both black and white, so introducing a little of this could break it up a bit. Give male guests black favour boxes filled with white heart sweets and female guests white boxes filled with silver heart shape dragees. Scatter tables with heart shape confetti in black, white and silver for a sleek look. You’ll be amazed at how stunning the overall effect of this is – especially in the photographs. If you are going for the black and white theme, ensure this starts at the invitation stage. This will give people a taster of what’s to come…. Bespoke design invitations can easily be produced from black card with white heart shapes cut out. Ensure these are written in silver ink and sealed in black envelopes.

Using feathers as your wedding theme is a fantastic way of getting the black and white theme into your big day. As before, start at the invitation stage. One simple black and one white feather entwined on the front of an invitation would look classical, elegant and oh so en vogue. Bridesmaids can continue the feather theme with headpieces and floral arrangements that are heavy laiden with feathers. There are many styles of fascinator available exclusively for brides so you could join in the fun too. This will give your outfit a fresh and funky modern twist. When it comes to the reception, floral arrangements need to be bold and white and laced with large feathers. Favour boxes can be finished with feathers and tables can be scattered with feathers. If possible, black table linen would be a highly trendy twist, especially if you scatter your tables with white feathers. Again, the odd splash of silver will be quite in keeping.

However you plan to do it, if you’re a brave and bold bride, be at the cutting edge of bridal style this season and go for a black and white wedding theme. As you can imagine though, black and white wedding themes don’t really lend themselves to summer weddings. Any winter, spring or autumn wedding will be perfect for using such colours as your inspiration, but best to stay away from height of the summer weddings as it won’t have the desired effect.


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