Beach Weddings

by Emily Tanner

Beach weddings are now becoming the most popular way to wed. Many couples are finding the simplicity of a beach wedding much easier on the wallet and much more romantic than a traditional church wedding. However, there are a few things to consider when planning a beach wedding to ensure everything goes without a hitch.

Firstly, you need to think about where you are going to get married. You need to pick a place where good weather is guaranteed. You also need to consider whether the actual ceremony will take place on the beach or whether you will go there after the vows for the reception meal. Note that when couples get married on the beach, there is often a great deal of wind. This makes any video footage very difficult to hear so bear this in mind.

Following on from the video footage, you may also wish to consider your photographs. In the heat of the midday sun, you may need to squint when the sun is strong. You may not notice it at the time, but imagine your disappointment when you see your photographs later and everyone is squinting or has their eyes shut. On this basis, it may be best to have your wedding in the early morning or late afternoon. The other benefit of this is that most beaches are public and will more than likely be full of holidaymakers in the middle of the day. If you marry in the early morning or afternoon the sunbathers will be minimized and so photograph backgrounds can be of the sea or sand rather than of holidaymakers.

When planning a beach wedding, you must also consider your outfits and your shoes in particular. High heels easily sink into the sand making it difficult to stand up if you are standing on soft sand. Also, if you are marrying in a hot location, consider elderly guests and children who may not respond well to excessive sunshine. Advise them to wear hats and/or loose fitting outfits that will keep them cool and covered from damaging effects of the sun. When choosing the bridal dress, be sure to avoid one that is too ‘floaty’ or one with a shoulder wrap. It is also a good idea to have a ‘hair up’ style. Otherwise, when the wind picks up on the shore, hair and clothes can flap about and get in the way of your face. Photographs can also be a bit disappointing if people are trying to brush hair from their eyes or constantly repositioning wraps and capes.

When it comes to wedding reception table style, there are so many ways in which a beach themed wedding can be achieved successfully. Shells always make a fantastic vehicle for getting the beach effect into your special day. Place cards and place card holders can include shells, chocolate sea shells can be used to decorate the cake, you could give seashells in organza bags as favours or provide guests with Personalised Beach Theme Mint Tins.

If you are striving to create a modern feel, why not present guests with stripy sticks of rock? These are always a great talking point for guests and give people a chance to reminisce on their childhood beach holidays. Flip Flop Floating Candle favours give guests something they can keep and provide reception tables with a splash of bright colour.

So, proving you consider all options carefully, beach weddings can be absolutely perfect. Remember to consider the time of day when you marry and the time of year. A perfect day starts with the perfect weather so try to pick somewhere when sunshine is pretty much guaranteed. You also need to think carefully about the outfits of the bridal party and the shoes in particular. Heads and shoulders should be covered where possible.

The best way to minimize beach wedding problems, is to have a quick ceremony on the beach. Then, take the reception off the beach to a hotel or marquee. This way, weather is not going to affect your day. Also, it gives another location for photographs in case those on the beach are over exposed due to excessive light. Equally, you do not have to worry about food being spoiled by blowing sand or excessive heat.

If you really want to cheat, don’t go to the beach at all – bring the beach to you! Why not set your reception venue up like a beach? There are many ways this can do done so that guests have the illusion of being by the seaside. This way, you are guaranteed a perfect day that none of nature’s elements can spoil!


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